Angela Bisanti

Angela Bisanti E-RYT 500 and owner of bambooYOGA, is certified in several styles of yoga and completed her 500-hour training in Advanced Asana and Yoga Therapy in Chennai, India.  She is a registered Yoga Tune Up® teacher and a DONA® trained birth doula.  She teaches asana (poses), breath-work and mindfulness in a way that is deliberately paced and sequenced to thoroughly explore postures and transitions. The pace and sequence allow time for students to learn and explore while providing the platform for a safe and effective practice. She is a patient, intuitive, thoughtful, encouraging and honest teacher. She believes that once students have a thorough foundation, they are ready to create the conditions for a vast inner spaciousness, freeing them to find the space where body and mind connect. She encourages students to listen to their own bodies and feel how to apply the concepts to their unique physical structures. Her goal is to help students increase the brightness of their inner lights and to feel better on and off the mat. She teaches group practices, workshops, teacher trainings and also offers private instruction.

Adam Delia

Adam took his first class at bambooYOGA in 2018 after going through a trauma and heart break. He had always been a gym rat—lifting, training and running—and thought yoga would improve his gym training too. After a year and a half of taking classes and practicing yoga on his own, he has completed his 200-hour teacher training at bambooYOGA. He still works out, but lifts weights mainly to improve his asana practice. Yoga has improved his life in so many ways, from acting, playwriting and directing, even bartending. He can’t wait to see where his practice takes him, and is so excited to teach and for his students to be part of his journey.

Annamaria Santamaria

Annamaria is a Queens native committed to a dynamic life of service, devotion, and love, as well as a lifelong student of Yoga. She discovered the mat over a decade ago and the practice of Yoga quickly evolved into a way of life. Initially, Annamaria was drawn to the physical benefits of the practice as it complemented her dance training, but it was Yoga’s much deeper truths that kept her coming back for more. A burning desire to deepen her spiritual connection and take her practice to the next level led Annamaria to the 200 hour yoga teacher training through Stanton Street Yoga and The Bhakti Center.

For Annamaria, the mat has always been there to support her through all of life’s ups and downs –a place of presence, connection, refuge, acceptance, fortitude, peace and love. Annamaria is committed to serving the needs of every student by creating a safe and supportive space where everyone can show up just as they are and explore, as well as challenge, their own Truth with an open heart. Her invigorating classes focus on uniting breath with movement, thereby building strength and cultivating a taste for higher qualities. She aims to provide students with an opportunity to access their personal power so that they may each firmly stand in their beauty, wisdom, grace, and love–essential components that make up our personal Truths.

Fouzia Michael

Fouzia Michel started her yoga journey in 2009. Her mother has been such a connector in her yoga journey–she introduced her to Bamboo. Fouzia loved it dearly, and in fact it has been another “home” for her, due to the community, relationships and healing she experienced in this studio. Bravely, in 2012, she decided to complete the Yoga Teacher 200 Hour Training certification (Level 1 and 1/2) with Bamboomoves. Since then, she has taught yoga and led Vision Board workshops; she also teaches yoga to Senior Ladies at New Life Fellowship Church in Queens. In addition, she has extended her yoga knowledge by obtaining her certification in Gentle Yoga 16 hour training with Naomi and her prenatal yoga 85 hour certification with BabyMoon Prenatal Yoga by Carrie Parker Gastelu at YogaWorks. Yoga has healed her in so many ways–emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It has given her the confidence to share these wonderful gifts with new and seasoned yogis to connect to their mind, soul, body and heart through their breath, and, as a result, to let go, be present, and to feel empowered.

Jennifer Pinna

After beginning her personal yoga practice during pregnancy with her first son, Jen realized how incredible yoga was and that it has the power to calm, empower, enlighten and so much more. After working with kids in educational settings for more than 5 years, Jen wanted to continue to share this gift with them since she knew how beneficial it could be to their lives. It is her belief that incorporating yoga into children’s lives, even in small amounts, can have a profound impact on them and hopefully it will be something they choose to continue throughout their lives! In addition to receiving her 200-hour yoga certification from BambooMoves, Jen has completed a 30-hour training to teach Kids’ Yoga by Karma Kids. She is also certified to teach Pre-Natal Yoga by Juliana Secches and has years of experience in baby yoga movement/development.

Jessie Fitzpatrick

Jessie Fitzpatrick graduated from the BambooMoves Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in April 2014 and the Jared McCann Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training in July 2018. She currently leads both adult and children’s yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions. She enjoys helping students find health and peace in their lives through yoga. Jessie also practices as a speech-language pathologist; she co-authored a book entitled Yoga for Speech-Language Development which provides yoga practices and resources for enhancing communication, literacy, and play development in children.

John Fitzpatrick

John Fitzpatrick found his yoga practice when he needed an impactful life change. After 10 years working on Wall Street, he left his job to immerse himself in the teachings of traditional Dharma and Ashtanga Yoga and became a teacher.

John’s curiosity led him to the application of yoga off the mat. He started his first business as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, emphasizing professional and personal empowerment and transformation. He also completed and assisted the Coaches Training Institutes’s world renowned Leadership Program.

John firmly believes that with consistent and sincere practice, his students can find new perspective and intuition to create positive change in their lives and communities. His classes include classical asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation.

Kalpana Patel

Kalpana is a holistic health coach with a specialty in Transformational Nutrition and Eating Psychology. She is also a certified Reiki Healer and often combines Aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing in her sessions. Kalpana is passionate about Yoga and truly believes in its ability to positively impact the body, mind and spirit. She appreciates that each person is unique and each body is unique, and she likes to meet her clients and students where they are in their lives and their bodies, and provide a safe space of compassion and acceptance. Kalpana believes it is from this space that they can work through their blocks, transform, and grow into their highest, most ideal version of themselves.

Lorine Bamberg

While searching for a healthier and more sustainable workout routine, Lorine found that yoga continually came into the forefront as the most complete practice for body, mind and spirit. Looking to create a healthier lifestyle in movement that was more inspiring than her very routine gym practice, Lorine began to focus more and more on yoga, leading her to complete the 200-hour Teacher Training at BambooMoves. As a teacher, her goal is to guide her students to discover their inner peace, find freedom in movement no matter what level of physical aptitude and, most importantly, find happiness in class. Her greatest joy in teaching is when she is able to empower her students, each in their own individual way, to cultivate and attain these goals on and off the mat.

Macklen Mayse

Macklen Mayse earned a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Dou Yoga, under the guidance of Yuuki Hirano and Ariel Kiley. She is a certified Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, having completed 70 hours of study. Additionally, she completed 18 hours of training in Trauma-Informed Yoga with Feet on the Ground. She also holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and a 25-hour Kids Yoga certification from Hosh Yoga.

As an artist and teacher, she seeks joy in the simplest parts of life. Poetic movements and quirky humor guide her form of communication. As an encouraging yoga instructor, Macklen creatively weaves insight meditation, anatomical understanding, Viniyoga and Hatha-based asana with a focus on safe mindful movement. She nurtures an environment where you can release, be seen, and open up to the inner experience of your radiant potential.

Mi Han Chiu

Mi Han moved to New York City from Hong Kong with her family at the age of 12. She discovered yoga in her late 20’s and always enjoyed how yoga brought tranquility to her life. Her desire to share this experience with others led to her 500 hour yoga teacher certification, which she received in 2018. Mi Han has also received certification in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Pranayama/Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She enjoys creating sequences for Flow-style yoga classes. Her yoga teaching emphasizes body alignment and working with the breath.

Olga Djam

Olga has been a member of Bamboo since the year of its inception. She holds the 200 and 500 hour yoga certification through Bamboomoves and the Himalayan Institute, respectively. She also holds the Y12SR (yoga of 12-step recovery program) certification, is a certified life coach, and is a certified educator for School for Parents. In addition to her certifications, Olga has had training in non-violent communication and neurolinguistic programming. Her experience has helped her become a greater yoga teacher and continues to grow with the dedication to her practice.

Sherry Zhang

Master Zhang brings over 30 years of experience in Chinese martial arts to her Tai Chi classes at Bamboo, where she teaches Yang-style 24 form Tai-Chi. Master Zhang has been training since 1970 with Wu Shu Master Yuan Xing An. She was instructed in Bajiquan and Chaquan by Master Wang Shutian in Sichuan, China. In 1984, Master Zhang won first place in Woman’s Nanquan, Chaquan,  and second place in spear play in the First National College Wu Shu Competition held in Chengdu City, Sichuan, China. She has participated in compiling The Complete Fists and Weapons of Chinese Wushu and co-authored The China Wu Shu Encyclopedia, An Introduction to Chinese Weapons and Culture.

Steve Crowley

Steve began his meditation practice in the attic of a Harvard Square bookstore in the early 90’s, a life-altering experience that has shaped every day since. He incorporates many forms of practice into his yoga, music, relationships and business, including in his day job, where he focuses on the application of a Japanese business philosophy based on respect for people, known as kaizen. As a facilitator, Steve primarily focuses on pre-Buddhist meditations. His goal for his students is the same as it is for himself—to lead the most fulfilling life possible by being a little more present, mindful and kind every day.

Steve lives in Forest Hills with his wife, Angela (owner of bambooYOGA) and their son. He is passionate about bringing more love and kindness to the community through his relationship with bambooYOGA.

Yoshio Hama

Yoshio began practicing yoga in Caracas, Venezuela in 1999. Between 1999 and 2008 he had the opportunity to study Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Partner Yoga and Iyengar Yoga Method under the guidance of different yoga instructors. In 2008, he came to New York and started his new life: the teachings of Sri Dharma bring the light of the real practice of yoga, guiding us to the path of righteousness.

Yoshio brings his humility, dedication, and charismatic presence to bambooYOGA. Yoshio has been certified in Level I-IV Dharma Mittra Yoga as well as Level I & II Rocket Yoga. He also brings knowledge of the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods to his teachings.

Zoe Isaacson

In 1991, Zoe took her first yoga class as a college student in New Mexico. Clearly something stuck as she continued to dabble taking various classes over the years after moving to New York. With a high school reunion looming in 2011, she wanted to combine a means of getting fit with an effort to curb unremitting anxiety, and walked into a studio in Brooklyn for her first taste of Vinyasa yoga. It’s a thirst she’s maintained ever since. It was upon experiencing an injury that she realized a person’s practice will change throughout time, as does their body. Zoe invites people to welcome this shift and rather than fighting against your body, work with how it behaves at the given moment. By encouraging people to keep this idea in mind, as well as combining the graceful dance between movement and breath, people will leave their practice with a clearer, calmer mind, and an open heart. She is a graduate of the Bamboo Moves 200-hour Advanced Practitioner Program.

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