Angela Bisanti

Angela Bisanti E-RYT 500, YACEP and owner of bambooYOGA, is certified in several styles of yoga and completed her 500-hour training in Advanced Asana and Yoga Therapy in Chennai, India.  She is a registered Yoga Tune Up® teacher and a DONA® trained birth doula.  She teaches asana (poses), breath-work and mindfulness in a way that is deliberately paced and sequenced to thoroughly explore postures and transitions. The pace and sequence allow time for students to learn and explore while providing the platform for a safe and effective practice. She is a patient, intuitive, thoughtful, encouraging and honest teacher. She believes that once students have a thorough foundation, they are ready to create the conditions for a vast inner spaciousness, freeing them to find the space where body and mind connect. She encourages students to listen to their own bodies and feel how to apply the concepts to their unique physical structures. Her goal is to help students increase the brightness of their inner lights and to feel better on and off the mat. She teaches group practices, workshops, teacher trainings and also offers private instruction.

Adam Delia

Adam took his first class at bambooYOGA in 2018 after going through a trauma and heart break. He had always been a gym rat—lifting, training and running—and thought yoga would improve his gym training too. After a year and a half of taking classes and practicing yoga on his own, he has completed his 200-hour teacher training at bambooYOGA. He still works out, but lifts weights mainly to improve his asana practice. Yoga has improved his life in so many ways, from acting, playwriting and directing, even bartending. He can’t wait to see where his practice takes him, and is so excited to teach and for his students to be part of his journey.

Irene Gutleber

Irene first discovered yoga as a college student in Washington, DC. She was amazed at how the practice improved both her physical and mental health. As a compulsive over-achiever, she was excited to find a space where it was both OK and encouraged to be introspective, make mistakes, and be human. After college she moved back to the New York area, studying at various studios before discovering bambooYOGA. Irene completed her 200-hour teacher training at bambooYOGA in 2019. Irene’s classes invite mindful movement and the use of pranayama to focus and relax. She will often utilize props and modifications so her students can feel both supported and invigorated in their practice.

Jen SanMiguel

Jen SanMiguel teaches vinyasa flow classes–from beginner to advanced–with creative sequencing and an emphasis on alignment. She strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for all ages, body types and abilities. In her classes she encourages you to breathe and have fun, with the goal that you will feel better when you leave than when you walked in. A student once described her class as “a perfect mixture of zen and hilarity,” a compliment she will treasure forever.
Jen completed her 200-hour, and her advanced 300-hour, teaching certifications at LL Studio (formerly Laughing Lotus), NYC. She has additional certifications in trauma-informed yoga, advanced sequencing, Bhakti and hands-on assists.

Jessie Fitzpatrick

Jessie Fitzpatrick graduated from the BambooMoves Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in April 2014 and the Jared McCann Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training in July 2018. She currently leads both adult and children’s yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions. She enjoys helping students find health and peace in their lives through yoga. Jessie also practices as a speech-language pathologist; she co-authored a book entitled Yoga for Speech-Language Development which provides yoga practices and resources for enhancing communication, literacy, and play development in children.

John Fitzpatrick

What remains true to John over the years of his practice is that the art of breathing, physical movement, and meditation creates opportunity for heightened awareness, clarity, and personal well-being.

John weaves traditional postures, yogic breathing, cleansing techniques, and meditation into his classes, to create both new and familiar experiences for the mind and body.

John studies Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Rocket Yoga, and Ghosh Yoga. He infuses his classes with principles from these lineages to create a dynamic experience for practitioners. He is an E-RYT 200hr and a YACEP.

Macklen Mayse

Macklen Mayse earned a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Dou Yoga, under the guidance of Yuuki Hirano and Ariel Kiley. She is a certified Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, having completed 70 hours of study. Additionally, she completed 18 hours of training in Trauma-Informed Yoga with Feet on the Ground. She also holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and a 25-hour Kids Yoga certification from Hosh Yoga.

As an artist and teacher, she seeks joy in the simplest parts of life. Poetic movements and quirky humor guide her form of communication. As an encouraging yoga instructor, Macklen creatively weaves insight meditation, anatomical understanding, Viniyoga and Hatha-based asana with a focus on safe mindful movement. She nurtures an environment where you can release, be seen, and open up to the inner experience of your radiant potential.

Michele Goldman

Michele found yoga after sustaining an injury and having a physical therapist recommend gentle movement to aid in healing. At the time, she was unaware of the transformative change that would occur in her life due to yoga. In 2018, Michele completed her 200-hour teacher training at Bamboo, but wanting to further herself even more, she completed a second 200-hour training course in 2019. She is interested in physical health and well-being, helping students find ease within their bodies, and connecting to their true inner Self. As a clinical psychologist, Michele understands the importance of meeting each student where they are, respecting their process, and encouraging them to grow. Michele holds a certification in Chair Yoga and is looking forward to learning more as her own practice continues to develop.

Steve Crowley

Steve began his meditation practice in the attic of a Harvard Square bookstore in the early 90’s, a life-altering experience that has shaped every day since. He incorporates many forms of practice into his yoga, music, relationships and business, including in his day job, where he focuses on the application of a Japanese business philosophy based on respect for people, known as kaizen. As a facilitator, Steve primarily focuses on pre-Buddhist meditations. His goal for his students is the same as it is for himself—to lead the most fulfilling life possible by being a little more present, mindful and kind every day.

Steve lives in Forest Hills with his wife, Angela (owner of bambooYOGA) and their son. He is passionate about bringing more love and kindness to the community through his relationship with bambooYOGA.

Yoshio Hama

Yoshio began practicing yoga in Caracas, Venezuela in 1999. Between 1999 and 2008 he had the opportunity to study Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Partner Yoga and Iyengar Yoga Method under the guidance of different yoga instructors. In 2008, he came to New York and started his new life: the teachings of Sri Dharma bring the light of the real practice of yoga, guiding us to the path of righteousness.

Yoshio brings his humility, dedication, and charismatic presence to bambooYOGA. Yoshio has been certified in Level I-IV Dharma Mittra Yoga as well as Level I & II Rocket Yoga. He also brings knowledge of the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods to his teachings.

Zoe Isaacson

In 1991, Zoe took her first yoga class as a college student in New Mexico. Clearly something stuck, as she continued to take classes over the years after moving to New York. With a High School reunion looming in 2011, she wanted to combine a means of getting fit with a way to curb unremitting anxiety, and walked into a studio in Brooklyn for her first taste of Vinyasa yoga. It’s a thirst she’s maintained ever since. It was upon experiencing an injury that she realized a person’s practice will change over time, as does their body. Zoe invites people to welcome this shift, rather than fight against it, and to work with how their body behaves at any given moment. She is a graduate of the BambooMoves 200-hour Advanced Practitioner Program.  Continuing on with her yoga studies, Zoe was curious about restorative yoga and completed an initial Restorative Yoga Training. A year later, she completed Level 1 and Level 2 Restorative Yoga Training with Jillian Pransky and an Advanced Restorative Training at Ishta Yoga. She is also certified to teach Prenatal Yoga from the Prenatal Yoga Center. She is grateful and honored to be part of the bambooYOGA team and hopes to help students access the tools to find the serenity and peace that is truly inside each one of us.