New Student Special 

$59 for One Month Unlimited

Receive $20 off the first month of membership or any class pack when purchased before the end of your new student month.

Unlimited Membership includes all studio group classes (does not include Prenatal, Family, Baby & Me, Series/Workshops).

At bambooYOGA, we believe that yoga is about much more than just rolling out your mat for an hour. We believe that yoga is about community, and you can feel that when you walk through our door. We recognize that each person comes to yoga with different experience and backgrounds. Yoga at our studio is a mindfulness practice that honors who you are, respects where you are and celebrates what connects us.

We know that getting started can feel intimidating. We encourage you to begin with one of our Beginner Series courses. If you are unable to join a Beginner Series, then please consider Gentle, Everybody, Essential, Restorative or Meditation to get started. We offer a variety of classes with varying degrees of intensity, and we hope you will choose a first class that allows you to ease into your practice, get to know us and enjoy the process.

We provide a welcoming space where you can feel comfortable. If you’re worried about your clothes or you’re feeling self-conscious, know that you’re not alone. Everyone has concerns, especially in the beginning.

What to Wear: Comfortable, breathable, stretchy clothes that allow you to move freely.  In some poses, you may be in a position that can cause your clothes to rise up. To avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, keep this in mind when deciding what to wear.  Shirts are required (no bare mid-drifts please).

Most people go barefoot in class. Being barefoot helps develop your balance, get a better feel for how your body moves, and helps you grip your mat. If you prefer, you’re welcome to keep your socks on. 

What to Bring: A water bottle, a hand towel and your mat.  If you do not have a yoga mat, we have mats available to purchase or to rent for $2.

Where to Change: Most people arrive in their yoga attire; however, we do have a private, one-person unisex changing room where you can change into (or out of) your yoga clothes.

Where to Store Belongings: Coats can be hung and shoes left on the shoe racks in the lobby area.  Small personal items (pocket books, wallets, phones or other items of value) can be placed on the shelf inside the studio.  Please ensure cell phones are turned off.

Need help getting started? Contact Us