At bambooYOGA, we offer a wide variety of classes for everyone, every day. We truly believe that we have a class to suit the needs of anyone who walks through our door. Whether you like yoga that is hot and sweaty, slow and powerful, or gentle and mindful, we have a class for you.

We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops, based in different yoga styles and levels of intensity. We believe in yoga as a lifestyle and a tradition, and we endeavor to honor the sanctity of the practice. Our instructors offer modifications for all levels and encourage mindfulness to keep the practice safe. We know that yoga is also what happens off the mat–our goal is to inspire our students to weave their practice into every moment of their day.

Gentle Yoga classes are designed for everyone. They restore balance in a gentle, meditative way. These classes are ideal for those who want to move slowly.

EveryBody Essential is an essential for all, suitable for all body types and abilities. This class combines a slow flow of yoga postures with the use of breath work and props, to make the asana accessible for your body. All are welcome!

Essential Yoga emphasizes foundation-essential yoga principles that free the body and mind from habitual patterns and tension. In these classes, all students can be challenged and can find inner balance and peace.

Slow Flow is a challenging class that moves you through postures slowly and mindfully. You will hold postures for a few breaths, fully savoring each pose. Slow flow increases strength, and leaves you feeling grounded and centered.

Restorative Yoga provides gentle movements followed by approximately 4-5 restorative poses, using props to assist you in soothing the body and quieting the mind. Very nourishing.

Energetic Flow Yoga flows a little bit slower than vinyasa. Standing poses and sun salutations are emphasized. You will slowly develop heat, focus and strength.

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice of dynamic, flowing sequences that are designed to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and focus. It is an energetic practice that creates heat in the body.

Advanced Asana begins with a vinyasa flow and then moves into more difficult poses that are held longer. Previous experience is necessary.

Tai Chi (Basic and Adv.) is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that uses serene, sequential forms to improve health and focus.